Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Canada becoame a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown. It is home to 41 national parks and hundreds of provincial parks, Canada is a natural playground! The United Nationas ranked Canada one of the best countries in the world in which to live. Canada is globally recognized for its outstanding quality of life, stable, progressive political environment and has one of the healthiest economies in the world. Economically and technologically the nations has develloped in parallel with the US, its neighbour to the south across and unfortified border. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories with a total population of about 33.2 million people and is the second largest country in the world. The country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and contains 6 times zones also has the world"s longest coastline nearly one fourth of all the fresh water in the world and one-tenth of the worlds"s forests. The name "Canada" comes from the Huron and Iroquois Indian word "Kanata" meaning "Village".

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