Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maps postcard of Sabah-Malaysia

This postcard are shows of many interesting place in Sabah including nice island. A place where I grew up and I miss it so much.

Lighthouses in the Nordsee

I really love this postcard! I love lighthouses.

Romerkastell Saalburg


Today I got a postcard from Finland. He name is Miko 5 years old! He is so a lovely boy! Thanks Miko for the wonderful stamps!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Black and white postcard of Piazza del Popolo

San Antonio Riverwalk Texas

On the Friday following Thanksgiving, San Antonio"s Riverwalk comes alive with approximately 122,00 twinkling lights. The lights shine brightly every night through January 1st and make the area an even more magical place to be.

Dusseldorf Bistro in the Mata-Hari shopping gallery

Pavilion cafe

Famous Pavilion cafe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Belle Isle

Belle Isle Park is 1,000-acre playground in the middle of the Detroit River provides endless possibilities for fun sport, scenic drive, flower shows and children"s zoo.

Love Michigan

Greeting from Michigan"s Vacationland. The haunting colors of early morning cast an eerie glow on this lovely lake.

Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple-The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A rare of the temple silhouetted against a spectacular evening sky. After 40 years of construction, this granite structure took a prominent place on the Salt Lake City skyline 1893.

Mount Timpanogos

This canyon is located a short distance southeast of Salt Lake City-Utah. It takes on a completely different beauty in the fall of year as the colors change. Mt.Timpanogos can be seen in the background.

Scenice Utah

Mount Timpanogos rises above Utah Valley. The snow covere peaks glow in the evening light.


World famous as a trout fishing paradise, the popular holiday resort town of Taupo lies towards the middle of New Zeland"s North Island.


Pioneer Cottages and China"s Loo. These buildings are typical of the style built in the area late 1800"s.

The Belgian coast-De Noordsee

Agoo Civic Center



Lago di Garda

Santa Cruz

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse offers a dramatic interlude with the Pacific Coast and Ocean.


Chicken soup for Little Souls


Saint Louis Blues Piano W.C Handy Museum Florence Alabama

William Christopher Handy composed his world-famous "Saint Louis Blues" on this piano, located in the W.C.Handy Museum. The museum is in a restored log cabin where Handy was born. Considered the "Father of the Blues" he was the first person to write and preserve the blues for American"s musical heritage. "Memphis Blues" and "Beale Street Blues" are other famous compositions.

Ivy Green - Tuscumbia Alabama

The birthplace and childhood home of Helen Jeller, Ivy Green is open to visitors throughout the year. Each summer the play "The Miracle Worker" is performed on the ground.

Lahemaa National Reserve in north coast of Estonia

Sheds for fishing nets, camping and walking. Thanks Janek

Hameelinna Tavastehus

Lighthouse biggest island of Saaremaa

Biggest octhordoy Church in Estonia-Alexander Nevsky Catherdal

Thanks Janek from Estonia.

Kulturhaupststadt Essen im Süden


Building shows of some Sydeny"s historic buildings.

Kansas City

A full moon over the skyline of Kansas City. City"s lights reflecting in the calm waters of the Missouri River.

Peoples of Borneo

Costumes of Borneo-Rungus(Sabah), Murut(Sabah), Iban(Sarawak) and Kelabit(Sarawak)


View of the Palace Embankment and the Hermitage.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008





Castel of Eggenberg


UNESCO Weltkulturerbe Steiermark.



Private Garden 1794-1797 architect Vincenzo Brenna


Cathedral of the Resurrection (Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood 1883-1907

Queen Victoria Gardens-Melbourne

The Lover"s Bridge-Roma

People in love with each other come here and live a locket under the lampa. They promise each other eternal love and trow the key in the river. The idea came from Federico Moccia"s.



Market place with Townhall