Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake Stansbury Island Utah. With an average of 10 percent salt in the south arm and 16 percent salt in the north arm of the Great Slat Lake, evaporative salt ponds are set up in shallow areas and crackle and dry into beds of salt. Beyond this salt pon is the Great Salt Lake and Stansburgy Island.

Dornbusch Lighthouses

Lighthouses from island of Hiddensee Germany. Thanks Sindy

Handmade postcard from Australia

Thanks Anna for the wonderful hadmade postcard.

Monday, February 23, 2009

PostCrossing Meeting-Moomin Characters

Postcard come from postcrossing meeting was sent on the 17 Febuary 2009 suprised.

Viva Italia

Its time for coffee and pasta.

Lunzern Switzerland

Ruovesi Soumi

Interesting postcard come from Finland it was sent on the 17 Febuary 2009 by Ritva. Ritoniemi where the poet Runeberg stayd in 1825.

Romantice view of lighthouse

Somewhere in Europe...

Greetings from Pasadena California

Postcard was sent on the 17 Febuary 2009 from Katrina. Just north of Los Angeles. Shows here is the City Hall an architectural landmark of great pride to this community.

Winchester Cathedral-Hampshire

Postcard was sent on the 19 Febuary 2009 from UK and it show the attractive West Front of Winchester Cathedral has been a delight for 600 years.

Beautiful twilight sky North Finland

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beautiful lady and coffee time

I recieved first handmade card from Pijo. Card was sent on the 16 Febuary 2009.


Wherever I am Kaunas is my hometown! Postcard was sent on the 10 Febuary 2009 by Laura from Lithuania.


Postcard was sent on the 16 Febuary 2009 by Sara from Switzerland.


Private swap with Anna from Macedonia. Postcard show of national costumes of Macedonia. Thank you Anna.


Finnish Lapland

Tradtional costume of Finnish Lapland.

Maps of Europe 2009

Gulf of Finland Map

Monday, February 16, 2009

Groeten uit Baarn

The cabeles and Telecommunications Palace

Greeting from Spain postcard was sent on the 01.02.2009 by Felix.


Tor zu Mittlemosel

Postcard was sent on the 11 Febuary 2009 by Anne from Germany.

Maps of the Heavens

Another interesting maps postcard sent on the 07.02.2009 by Martha from USA.

Nantucket 1659

Postcard was sent on the 07.02.2009 by Martha from USA. Old maps postcard of Nantucket! very nice.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Igualada - Anoia

Postcard from Miguel from Spain.


Postcard was sent on the 11.02.2009 by Suzanna from Netherland. Maps postcard show of speed skating competition. I love it


The Needles

Postcard was sent on the 06.02.2009 by Mike and his lovely dogs from United Kingdom

Finish language

Postcard was sent on the 09.02.2009 from Finland. "It will be coming very many lucky and happy days and summer will be very lovely and sun is shining. Happy Valentines day.

Life should be fun till you get older

Postcard was sent on the 10.02.2009 by Kirsi from Finland. Funny card.

The Smolny Cathedral

Postcard was sent by Vera from Russia. Private swap

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleeping Beauty Castle

The loggia Bernarda in the Church of saint Vincent

Postcard sent on the 07 Febuary 2009.


Postcard was sent by Kirsi on the 4 Febuary 2009 from Finland

Mantzala countryside

Köln Am Rhein

Postcard was sent on the 5.02.2009 by Balbina from Germany

Schloß Nischuitz

Postcard was sent on the 04.02.2009 by Jana from Germany

Winter greetings

Iron Mountain Inn B & B

Postcard was sent by Ms Martha from USA 01 Febuary 2009


This postcard was sent on the 04 Febuary 2009 by Xiao from China