Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sorrento, Campania and the coast of Amalfi

Many thanks to Anita


The coast of Amalfi


Napoli Vesuvio, Santa Maria Assunta and Capri Island

Many thanks to Anita from Graz

Antigo Mercado do Cafe

Hello friend. my name is Tarcisio I live in a small busy but amating city called Sao Paulo. I hope you like my card. Have a nice day Tarcisio. Postcard was sent on the 30 March 2009.

The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

Hi the tow Red columns in the background are the Rostral columns, lighthouses in teh very city centre of St.Petersburg. They are only lit up on holidays though. Happy postcrossing from Elena postcard was sent on the 09 April 2009.

Greeting from Along 95

The interstate Highway System comprises approxmately 43,000 miles of expressways throughout the United States. Interstate 95 is the major north-south corridor in the Eastern U.S linking northern Maine to South Florida. 1-95 will be approximately 1,850 miles in length when completed; today over 1,700 miles are in use.

Utah-The Beehive state

I hope this is a new card I forgot to write down the last one I sent you. The kids are on Spring break from school, but the weather has been too rainy to enjoy outdoor time. Thanks Krista for the nice postcard again.

Amsterdam impressions

Hello how are you? I am fine, it"s starting to become spring in Holland. The weather is lovely the last week. I enjoy it very much Take care Anne.

From the Arctic Circle to the North Cape

Hello greetings from Finland. My name is Raija. I live in Joutsa where lives about 5000 people so this is pretty small town. I hope you have nice days and Postcrossing hobby. Best wishes Raija.

groeten uit Drenthe

My name is Manon and I live in the Netherlands. This card shows the province of Drenthe where I live in. Its"s rural but I live in a Townthough. Have a lots of fun with postcrossing. Thanks Manon

Old fishing village

Hi this is from Claira. I went with my dad to Alabama to visit my grandma and grandpa and we saw this old fishing village. My dad thought it was cool and so did I also me! Thanks lovely Claira. Postcard was sent on the 06 April 2009.

From South Australia

Kangaroo island is the largest island off the Australian mainland and the picture on teh front is of the remarkable rocks.


Ich sende dir diese PostKarte von Martos meine Heimatdorf. Es liegt in Südspanien und gibt es viele sonne. Postcard was sent on the 15 April 2009.

Beijing 2008

The route Map for teh Beiking 2008 Olympic Torch Relay in the Mainland of China but the route was changed because of the big earthquake on May 2008. Thanks Zhang YuYu. Postcard was sent on the 19 April 2009.

Hameenlinna town

Postcard from Rütta. Now is spring and all snow is gone....and the spring flowers are starting to poke out of the dirt and the bird"s singing early morning. The best is Sun Shining...yeaaaa.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Berlin Glass dome of the Reiches

Helsinki Helsingfors

Postcard was sent on the 13 April 2009.


Postcard was sent on the 08 April 2009.

Domstadt Köln

Postcard was sent on the 14 April 2009.

Pennsylvania the Keystone State of Independence

Thanks again Bonnie Jeanne

Miko Again

Nice postcard of Orang Utan made from Finland nad postcard show of Lahti area.

Another from Miko

Postcard Nordic collection, Nobel Rauhanpalkinto 2008 Fredspris postcard and FDC.

Nice Stamps from Miko

Moomin Characters

Suprise postcards from Miko.

My dear Miko from Finland

This is Miko from Finland. Today I got very nice package from him here is some stuffs from Miko and Miko made me a handmade card . I love it so much. Thank you so much Miko also his little sister Aino is on the picture.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wisconsin Northwoods

Deep in the Wisconsin Northwoods on a fresh Autumn day.

Wandrers Nachtlied

Urgreshsky St.Nikolaus monastery founded in 1380

Postcard was sent on the 03 April 2009 by Luxi.

Latvija on a fresch Autumn day

Postcard was sent on the 08 April 2009.

State Capitol Texas

This 1888 Renaissance Revival building is the state"s third capitol and the nation"s largest. Postcard was sent on the 04 April 2009.

Flowers and window

Traditional Night Market (kaohsiung)

Stone Garden Of Ryoanji Temple Kyoto

Constructed by Priest Giten as the founder. This temple has low eathen fences around it. The garden strawn with white sands, is entirely void of trees of grass except fifteen stones, large and small which are artistically abd dexterously aligned. Postcard was sent on the 04 April 2009 by Chris from Japan.


Corvallis Oregon