Thursday, February 19, 2009


Private swap with Anna from Macedonia. Postcard show of national costumes of Macedonia. Thank you Anna.


Ana said...

im so happy to see my postcard here and im so happy you like it!!
Will send another one soon...

btw, in case you are interested in writing letters, i love penpalling as well :) If you ever want to write letters with me, just let me know ;-)



Earney said...

Hello Ana yes I also love writing letter its my passion I will write you letter whenever I have time okay. Did you received my postcard too? I hope so and will also sent you more postcard in future. Thanks Ana

Ana said...

yes, i did receive both of your cards. I sent you a mail about it, i dont know whether you have received it. In case you havent, thanks a lot again for both of your cards. I told you that i sent you just one, coz in case it gets lost that at least both cards dont get lost (i just have the tendency to do things that way :))

as for the letter, feel free to write to me whenever you have the time to do so. Id be glad to write letters with you!

warm regards