Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Wolf and the Seven kids

This card is from a local children"s theme park-deplcting Fairy tales but cute. I love it.


Karmanovsky Alexander P.O.Box 385 St.Petersburg 190000 Russia said...

Dear Friend!
I invite you to follow my blog:
and waiting for your interesting one. I shall send you a Postcard or cover in return.
Alexander (St.petersburg, Russia)

Earney said...

I will do it for you soon Alex. Thanks give me time. Earney

Ian Choong said...

Hello Earney,

Happy New Year to you! I sent you a postcard yesterday. Check you email! I sent you a long message :)


Earney said...

Hello Ian. Thanks I will write you back soon because I must go to work now okay. Thanks Ian.